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Explore the depths of Arts at Algarve Arts Academy!

About us
At Algarve Arts Academy, we believe that art is more than just a skill—it's a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and community connection. Our unique approach combines socialization, support, training, and the development of individual talent to create a nurturing environment where creativity thrives. Traditional classic fina arts programms here were creted by moms and evatuated by our tennage sons. so classic meets thechnology here. We are bold modern academy in a heart of amazing Algarve.

We suggest the unique systematic curriculum, that combines classic academic tradition of european art schools with
morden top notch worldwide approaches
in entertainment industry like films and video games.
Quality art education at
Algarve Arts Academy
At Algarve Arts Academy, our mission is to inspire and be inspired by each other. Our programs are designed to encompass both traditional and modern art forms, ensuring a well-rounded artistic education grounded in our exclusive academic approach. We blend classic techniques with modern technologies and computer graphics to offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience.

For Adults and Kids
At Algarve Arts Academy, we understand the importance of fostering creativity for both adults and children. Our academy is designed to cater to all ages, offering a diverse range of programs that engage and inspire everyone in the family.
NB! Simultaneous Classes:
Imagine your child immersed in a painting class, expressing their creativity and learning new techniques, while you attend an art history lecture or participate in an art therapy session at the same time!

Inspiring learning
Our programs encompass traditional and modern art forms, ensuring a well-rounded artistic education grounded in our exclusive academic approach with learning modern technologies and computer graphics!
Our creative spaces is clean minimalistic so nothing destructs you from your creative process, it is also professionally equipped with the tools and technology needed to bring your vision to life, nurturing and building creative minds. We suggest plain air classes as the part of monthly practice and we learn from nature and use the advantage of amazing light of Algarve at the ocean coast and in our home wonder garden!

Our Curriculum
Whether you're nurturing a budding Picasso or rediscovering your own artistic flair, our academy is the perfect place to explore the vast ocean of creativity. Our approach is based on the idea that everyone has a talent that grows in a safe and friendly environment, with professional support from instructors and rapid improvement of skills through constant training.
For summer we offer weekly courses for adults and kids, friday evening lounge and saturday family club!
We are passionate instructors who dedicate our lives to art. We guide you through the ocean of art with expertise and enthusiasm, committed to building and nurturing creative minds. Our teachers are educated in a classic realistic academic traditions. We are both demanding and empathetic at the same time.
Experience the therapeutic benefits of art in a supportive and understanding environment. Grow stress resilience and fight insomnia. We be is one of the key key features of our space, we believe art therapy contributes in a wellbeing and really needed in the area.
Explore the depths of Arts at Algarve Arts Academy!
Dive into arts, find the treasure within
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Urbanização Al-Sakia Village, Lhm, Av. da Fonte Santa 10 Loja 7, 8125-020 Quarteira
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